I have developed three different presentations for school classrooms or libraries. Each can be adapted to fit your group. Check out the three options below and contact me at maryloudriedger@gmail.com and we can talk about a presentation that will be just right for your group. 

The Journey of a Novel

Doing Research

Lost on the Prairie Book Club

Although there is a study guide at the end of my book the guide below also includes chapter summaries and links to helpful online resources. I crafted the guide using the social studies and language arts outcomes from the curriculums of the western provinces for grades 3-6. Please feel free to contact me for more information about curriculum links or to book a visit to your school or classroom. 

Resource Guide Lost on the Prairie PDF

Resources and Activities for Lost on the Prairie Word Document with Illustrations

Some sample activities………….

Peter’s mother makes him a lunch full of delicious things. If someone was making lunch with all your favourite things in it, what would be included? A still life is an artwork of carefully arranged objects. Can you draw and colour a still life of Peter’s lunch items or your favourite lunch items? Before you start you might want to check out this cool still life of lunch by artist Floris Van Dyck. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Floris_van_Dyck_002.jpg

Alliteration happens when words that start with the same sound are used more than once in a phrase or sentence. The sound is usually a consonant, and the words don’t have to be right next to one another. One example of alliteration in this chapter is ‘crippled crane.’ There are at least six other examples of alliteration in this chapter. How many can you find?

The Kansas School in Drake Saskatchewan

Annie makes her school in Drake, Saskatchewan sound very interesting, but Peter is worried his father may not let him return to school.

In 1907 only about half the children in Canada and the United States went to school at all and those who did often stopped attending when they had finished grade six.

Why do you think that happened?