• What’s Happening In My Author World?
    on January 29, 2024

    I only discovered recently that in April of 2023 when Sixties Girl was launched, it made The Hamilton Review of Bestselling Books at Independent Bookstores. Thanks to my publisher Heritage House for including Sixties Girl in its display of books … Continue reading →

  • Draft Dodgers
    on December 31, 2023

    I was in my teens and early twenties during the Vietnam War and had three experiences with American draft dodgers that I’ve never forgotten. The first happened in an American Denny’s Restaurant on a family vacation in 1969. While we were … Continue reading →

  • The Importance of Family History
    on December 26, 2023

    In a Toronto Globe and Mail op ed this month Robin Pascoe writes about why it is important for the older generation to tell our children and grandchildren family stories. Pascoe talks about the sudden death of her mother when … Continue reading →

  • Ozempic! A Sixties Flashback?
    on December 22, 2023

    Recently Oprah Winfrey gave a major boost to the sale of the drug Ozempic when she hinted she’s been taking it to lose weight. Ozempic which was approved to treat diabetes in 2017 has been found to also be effective at … Continue reading →

  • Such Great Questions
    on November 21, 2023

    Yesterday thanks to a time difference between Manitoba and our neighbouring province, I was dressed and at my desk by 7 am to chat with Lindsey Ecker’s high school English class at United Mennonite Educational Institute in southern Ontario. They … Continue reading →

  • I Just Love It When Connections Like This Happen
    on November 12, 2023

    Yesterday I was at the Christmas Market at the Steinbach Mennonite Heritage Village Museum selling my novels. A young woman named Amy came up to me and said both she and her husband were former students of mine. Turns out … Continue reading →

  • My Novels Were In Frankfurt
    on October 31, 2023

    There was an international book fair in Frankfurt, Germany October 18-22 and my publisher Heritage House had a display there which included both of my novels. I spent several days touring Frankfurt in 2010 but at the time I never … Continue reading →

  • A Play List And Painted Rocks
    on September 21, 2023

    My friend Erin suggested I make a playlist for my novel Sixties Girl so I’ve created one on YouTube and you can find it here. Thanks so much, Erin for the suggestion. Each song on the list is featured somewhere … Continue reading →

  • Sixties Girl Goes to Paris
    on August 11, 2023

    The city of Paris plays a role in my latest novel Sixties Girl. Laura, one of the narrators has a surprising discussion with a classmate named Gloria on their high school graduation night. Gloria tells Laura she is moving to … Continue reading →

  • Time for a Novel Round-up!
    on July 3, 2023

    I’m hoping summer will provide a bit of a break from the busyness of the author part of my life. But I find if I wait too long to do updates about what’s going on with my novels I forget … Continue reading →

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