A Whirlwind Week

My book arrived on book store shelves in Winnipeg three weeks early and I received my author copies from the publisher as well, which set off a whirlwind week for me.

A Dedication For My Book

In this post find out why I have dedicated my book to my mother.

From Brewery Flour to Millineries

Find out how I used famous paintings of millinery shops and a video about making brewery flour to do research for my novel.

Come Take a Trip on My Airship

What role does music play in Lost on the Prairie?

Butterflies Everywhere

My talented cousin Carol has done another illustration of a scene from Lost on the Prairie. Check it out!

A Big Book Cover

Read about the unusual Christmas gift I received from my husband Dave.

An Illustration For My Novel

My cousin Carol has illustrated one of the opening scenes from Lost on the Prairie. She’s included so many wonderful details.

My Book Has A Cover

Meet Jacqui Thomas the talented designer who created the cover of my book.

A Meal From My Book

I made items from a meal in my book for a party with other authors.

Grandpa Hugo’s Puzzles

The puzzles from wire and nails made by an old family friend inspired me to have my hero Peter play with a similar puzzle.

Mark Twain Is In My Novel

Read about how my hero Peter meets Mark Twain in a Minneapolis hotel.

Riding the Roller Coaster

One chapter in Lost on the Prairie takes place in the Krug Amusement Park in Omaha Nebraska.

Thanks Great Aunt Alma

I never met my Great Aunt Alma but a few lines in a memoir she wrote inspired my novel.

Author Photo

Having my author photo taken for my publisher was an interesting experience as was choosing which photo to use.

A Novel for Peter

Peter my hero has just finished reading Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling when his adventure begins and he often compares his own experiences with those in the novel.

Elevator Pitch

Read the 30-second description of my novel’s plot.

What An Inspiration!

I have received some valuable advice from Beryl Young another author who has published with Heritage House.

Mystery Editor

A mystery editor provided me with encouragement just when I needed it most.