Come Take A Trip In My Airship

Come take a trip in my airship come sail away to the stars We’ll travel to Venuswe’ll sail off to Mars That’s part of the chorus of a love song about the pilot of an airship who woos a young woman by taking her on a cruise through the Milky Way and proposing to her there. The […]

Another Illustration For My Novel

My cousin Carol Schroeder has completed another illustration for a scene from my novel. My hero Peter has gone on an adventure on horseback with his good friend Joe when Joe becomes trapped in quicksand. It’s fall and the monarch butterflies are migrating. Joe and Peter see them everywhere. There in front of us blanketing […]

Thanks Great Aunt Alma

Alma Schmidt Neufeld I never met my great aunt Alma Schmidt Neufeld. She was my grandfather’s youngest sister and by the time I was born, she had moved to British Columbia. Before she passed away in 1997 Alma dictated an account of her life to her granddaughter Wendy.  I found a copy of her memoir […]

Mark Twain is a Character In My Novel

“Have you met Mark Twain?” a student asked when I showed a high school English class of mine the photo below.  No doubt meeting the great author in person would have been an interesting experience but this photo was taken in Hannibal Missouri more than a hundred years after Mark Twain died in 1910. Although […]

Riding the Roller Coaster

This train station in Omaha was built in 1870. My novel Lost on the Prairie begins with the main character Peter setting out from Newton Kansas on an immigration journey to Canada. He is travelling by train and the first stop the train makes is in Omaha Nebraska. Peter and his two brothers decide to […]

Book Jam

I am going to be part of a Manitoba Book Jam tonight. Hosted by Anita Daher the Chair of the Writers’ Union of Canada the event highlights our province’s authors. Tonight the Manitoba Book Jam features members of my writers’ group and we will each be promoting one of our books. I am going to […]

Hugo Bartel’s Puzzles

In my novel Lost on the Praire which is coming out in the spring of 2021 my main character Peter, is riding in a boxcar with his family’s two horses on their immigration journey to Canada.  To pass the time he plays with a puzzle made by his Grandpa Hugo.  It is a puzzle made […]

My Book Has A Cover

My novel Lost on the Prairie has a cover. It was created by a talented graphic designer named Jacqui Thomas who has worked for my publisher Heritage House since 2006. I had a delightful chat over the phone with Jacqui yesterday to find out how she developed the idea for the cover. She said she […]

A Meal From My Book

A couple of years ago for our annual Christmas party, the members of my writers’ group decided we should all bring something to contribute to our potluck that was related to a book or story we had written. I used a passage from my novel Lost on the Prairie which is coming out in spring […]

An Illustration For My Novel

With my cousin Carol My cousin Carol is an artist. She is well known at Manitoba craft sales for her beautiful painted boxes, bookmarks, cards, and light switch plates. I asked her if she would like to try drawing some illustrations depicting scenes from my upcoming novel Lost on the Prairie. She agreed. Illustration by […]