Meet Me At The Pub

I’m really excited about a literary event I’ll be participating in on June 24th at The Public a brewhouse on Main Street in Steinbach where I grew up. Photo by Aaron Epp for The Canadian Mennonite I’ll be reading from my latest novel Sixties Girl. Mitch’s new book of short stories Pinching Zwieback comes out […]

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My Wish Came True

MaryBeth became a part of our family when we lived in Arizona In the early 1990s we visited our good friend MaryBeth in Massachusetts. MaryBeth had become like one of the family during the year we taught together and lived together on the same compound on the Hopi First Nation in Arizona. The year after […]

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Miriam and Me

My high school bestie Deb Fast was at the launch of my novel Sixties Girl and it was her idea I take a photo with Miriam Toews. Deb and I both grew up in Steinbach just like Miriam Toews did. Miriam has become one of Canada’s most well-known and celebrated writers. I would never have […]

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Novel News Round-Up

Can you find Sixties Girl in this bestseller display at McNally Robinson Booksellers? I was so excited when teacher, writer and reviewer Spencer B. Miller chose my new book Sixties Girl as one of his top five picks for middle graders from all the new Canadian novels that have come out this spring. What a […]

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A Cow Named After Me

In the fall of 2022, I got a message from Kathy Kyle who is a regular reader of my blog. She and her husband Russ Bayliss and their family own and operate a cattle ranch near Carnduff, Saskatchewan, close to the Manitoba border. Kathy had bought my first novel Lost on the Prairie. Kathy and […]

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The Sixties Scoop

Photo by cottonbro studio on One of the last chapters in my novel Sixties Girl is about a high school graduation night. Laura, one of the main characters, comes to a troubling realization at her grad party. During her childhood and teen years, there were kids at her school she ignored- other students she […]

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Love Those Kids

Yesterday morning I blogged about how being around children inspires me and gives me hope and joy. And then yesterday afternoon I had one of those experiences with kids that left me on cloud nine. Teacher Amelia Warkentin had invited me to visit her grade four class at The Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary School to talk […]

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In Recovery Mode

Talking with the ever delightful, incredibly supportive and hugely successful children’s author Colleen Nelson who interviewed me at the launch of my novel Sixties Girl I will write more about the launch of my novel Sixties Girl in a future blog post but for today I’m kind of in recovery mode. Photo from McNally Robinson’s […]

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